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Are you looking for an easy way to notify local buyers, and showcase and sell your art at cafés, community halls, and other public locations near to you?

Use our matchmaking service for local buyers or venues near you that want to buy or display local art. Enter your address below.

Here’s How it Works

Have you ever experienced the challenge of cold-calling venues, such as cafes, in the hopes of showcasing your art? It’s no walk in the park – trying to make your pitch to the manager amid the clamour of the espresso machine and the bustling crowd. But fear not, those days are now consigned to history. We’ve revolutionized the process by scouting venues actively interested in featuring art and connecting them with nearby artists. What a relief!

Venues generously showcase your art without any cost to you and take absolutely no commission on your sales. This partnership benefits venues by connecting them with eager local artists, attracting more visitors as art enthusiasts explore their space, and building a reputation for supporting local talent.

For you, it’s a golden opportunity to exhibit your art in local venues, expand your local fan base, and make sales without any commission fees.

Buyers have also requested notifications because, with limited galleries, there’s often hidden art they’d love to purchase. That’s where we step in, serving both venues and buyers.

Our database is a hub for venues and buyers, and every week, we send them notifications about fresh, nearby art. The matchmaker will show you the number of venues and buyers we’ve listed near your location.

Using the matchmaker is a breeze. Enter your address, and we’ll scout nearby venues. Whether you’re an enthusiastic hobbyist or a seasoned pro, this program welcomes everyone.

Artist Venue Matchmaker

Matchmaker  – Your details are private unless you decide otherwise.

“VooGlue helped me increase my sales at a new display location, and the Generative AI Art descriptions were a game changer. A comprehensive platform.”

— Tim, Artist


About VooGlue

Our mission is to empower artists and revolutionize the fine art industry by offering cutting-edge tools and technologies. At VooGlue, we’re driven by our mantra ‘Liberating Fine Art Everywhere’. Through our patented and trademarked platform, we integrate authentic information with art, enhancing its value and delivering significant benefits to artists, art owners, and art resellers.

Our Decentralised Art Gallery disrupts the traditional art sector model, which often favours a few artists represented by select galleries. While we champion a new approach, we also provide robust tools and features tailored for galleries, counting prominent names among our clients. However, our primary focus is on supporting artists who aspire to advance their art practice independently through our artists-venue matchmaker.

Our AI-powered gallery-style artwork descriptions enable artists to showcase their work professionally, expanding their reach into new markets and unlocking fresh opportunities. With a suite of features available for less than the cost of a burger, we’re dedicated to providing unparalleled benefits to even the most financially challenged artists. VooGlue Pty Ltd ACN 657 380 286 is proudly Australian-owned and operated, founded in Perth, Western Australia, and designed as a cloud-based solution accessible to all. Join us and shine.

To learn more about our journey, see the video below from our founder.