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Free Access

Are you somebody that creates wall hung artwork, like paintings, and would like to experiment with a new style of art? Are you an art owner that wants to keep the video attached to the artwork you have purchased. Use VooGlue to attach your own speed paintings or existing videos to your artwork. The app is free for anyone to use.

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Artist Membership

Join as a Studio Artist and Sell Your Work in the App

Do you have an Artist studio, or a small gallery where you show and sell your work? Use VooGlue to sell more art. Listing of artworks for sale is free. It includes fixed price and auction listings. Your art will be available for sale in the app, where ever you show it, and on the website.

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Museum Membership

A museum is any organisation that shows art to the public but does not want to sell it. A museum wants a profile page showing their VooGlue art. Here you get the add VooGlue to your collection, and your own VooGlue profile page. Suitable for all sizes and types of Museums which hold art collections.

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Gallery Membership

By Gallery we mean any business that shows wall hung art, which is for sale to the public, from a physical real world location. Normally an Art Gallery needs extra promotional opportunities and space so this membership provides the VooGlue, the online store, plus the profile page of VooGlue videos.

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