It’s Your Audience

Open the door to a better experience.

Online AND In-Real-Life.

Add video to an object to inform or sell.


Forever Free

Stay below 5 listings and VooGlue is forever free – so you can begin risk free.

Welcome aboard!

Success-Only Sales Commission

You only pay commission on sales of products you have added. That’s a big win-win for you.

Secure Gateway

Payment Gateways by Stripe and Paypal securely manage the payment process for your sales from start to finish and the Gateway’s 3% fee is deducted automatically by them.

Marketing Built In

Successful business commit between 8% and 16% of sales to marketing. Your business is no different. We reinvest 8% of gross sales in marketing - leaving you to focus on creating or sourcing great content and products!

Its Easy To Add

Just Tap and Paste

Use your existing video content on vimeo & youtube with a simple paste and tap.

Or Upload

Or upload your new, fresh, interesting content directly from your mobile to VooGlue. Inform and sell with an expert description - or a selfie video.

Inform At Displays

Users point their phone at your real-world display and they are shown your content which instantly provides them with engaging information!

They Tap To Buy

Customers at a real-world display tap and buy the products. The builtin payment gateway handles everything - making it easy.

Also Sell Online

Because your content is also online, users anywhere can watch your video and get your products, boosting your exposure and sales.

With Social Media

Its Social Media Friendly. Post links to your own social media. Use your video posts to drive up your sales.

Grow Engagement

Then, as your audience arrives - grow it! Managed social media commenting is fully integrated. You can answer questions right there on the page.

With Built In Marketing

We send your content out to our digital footprint to help drive traffic – as well as doing generic promotions for traffic generation.

Easy Dashboards

Keep track of all your content in the one place. Hide or show the locations - depending on privacy desires

This feature is great for art. Each pin on the map is one of your artworks.

Keep You In Charge

Great for retailers and for selling art in café’s and doctors waiting rooms or wherever you want. Spread out your display footprint.

Get New Customers

The VooGlue map shows to people the locations where they can get VooGlue content. This feature is great of tours of public art - with video content and products attached. Create a street art tour!

Its Flexible

So Get Creative

It’s also a ‘new style’ of art - with video attached forever. Get innovative with art creation . Make your video ‘expand’ your real-world art. Blow the mind of your audience.

Or Do What Works

Or if sales are slow, change out the video to better sell your product, or change the product if that’s what you want. In the VooGlue dashboard you can mix and match.

Sell Any Product

Sell anything! Any product can be linked to any real-world object.

Artists, use your art to sell printed products, or any product! Why sell your golden goose when you can sell the egg?

And Get Paid Fast

Once payment is cleared by the secure gateway, it is transferred to your bank account at the click of a button in your VooGlue dashboard.

Contact Us For Help

Easy Join

We can help add content. No need to do it yourself – just contact us for more information

Easy Create

We can help you create great video content. Contact us for more information

Many Applications

VooGlue is good for almost anything you can think of - where value can be added to an object or scene by attaching video and products. Tourism, Retail, Real Estate, Recreation. If you would like to know more about how VooGlue can help you, contact us.

Have Ideas?

There are so many applications for VooGlue. If you have an idea you would like to ask about, please contact us and we will help you out.

Book A Demo

Subject to your usage-idea, and location, we will visit and give a demo of what VooGlue can do for you!

How It Works

Match & Link

Online is easy, but In-Real-Life is where our trackers do all the work. In Real Life your audience simply points their camera at the scene and your content pops onto their screen.


VooGlue trackers are a smart, sticky, digital fingerprint of your real-world display.

To create a tracker simply tap ‘Add’ in the VooGlue App.

Your content will be available online AND in real life.


Pre-Launch Period Pricing.

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  • Monthly Fee
  • Forever Free

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