Find Local Artists Wanting To Display Art At Your Venue

Are you a café, restaurant or pub owner?

Are you managing a venue with empty walls and high foot traffic?

Do you want to expand your local patronage by displaying high-quality local art which generates more customers, for free?

There are artists nearby you with fantastic art and large local and social media followings – that you don’t even know about!

Take Sue. She produces stunning watercolour paintings and has an impressive local and social media following. Since many art galleries have closed her art is not on display anywhere. Yet a café 200 m from Sue’s door could do with more customers – but it does not even know Sue exits! Like many artists, Sue is too modest to approach them.

We fix this problem by finding great local artists, like Sue, for you. Our service is confidential and free. The artist will display the art you select, and share the news of the display locally and on social media. They will bring in their friends and potential customers into your venue, and in doing so help grow your business.

Plus you get the positive brand advantage of being a supporter of your local arts community.




How it Works

Enter your details below and uncover hidden local artists near you. Why the secrecy? Why not just find art online and contact the artists directly?

Well, if you’re keen on spending hours searching for art and then tracking down the artist’s studio or home, that’s one approach. But let’s be real – isn’t your time better spent growing your business? After all, how can your business growth benefit if the artist’s friends and followers can’t visit your venue?

That’s where our solution comes in. We bring the local artists to you, ensuring that the art you choose is local, and will truly enhance your business.

Rest assured, your details remain private and only shared with professional artists located near you. It’s confidential, commitment-free, and absolutely free.

And it won’t take any of your valuable time once the art is on display, because each artwork you display will feature a discreet QR code label, providing interested patrons with all the necessary information.

It’s a win-win-win. Proceed below to begin!

Find Local Art For Display

Your details are kept private unless you decide otherwise


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