Chain Gang

About this style of work. The imagery randomly comes to me as I listen to current affairs, and the slam poetry connects the video into a storyline later. Often I have no idea where the whole thing is leading until the end.

About this work. The covid-19 pandemic is rapidly overrunning some countries and people all over the world are in lockdown. Humanity overwhelmed by fear. The chain of infections must be broken otherwise our health system will be overwhelmed. The elephant in the room is the state which, historically in a crisis, imposes restrictions on the people – restrictions that tend to remain after the crisis is gone. The use of surveillance by the state to track the spread might be an imposition that is never undone. So then who is dancing to whose tune? Meanwhile, we try and find solutions, as citizens, as families and as individuals. Everybody is guessing, uncertain, afraid. Nobody knows what lies ahead. It’s been over 100 years since the last pandemics and never before have we so needed the wisdom of the old to get us through.

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