Happy Birthday Steve

The Basin at Rottnest

This painting was done for my friend Steve’s 60’th birthday. His family came and wrote a birthday greeting under the painting, we recorded it to video, together with the painting being done. In the full version (only Steve and his family have access to the full version) we included video of friends and family wishing him birthday greetings. Together with Steve’s favourite song as a backing track, it was an poignant and touching surprise. As you can see this video plays from a coffee mug. Steve received the coffee mug with the artwork on one side, and of course Steve has the oil painting hanging on his wall! It was a great gift.  To order one like Steve’s go to Special Commissions.

Customers Review

A beautiful painting which Brian completed with expertise. He involved us from the onset to completion. Brian captured us painting a special message on the canvas before he began painting. We then recorded video massages  from members of the family for Steve. All of these ‘messages’, along with the video of Brian painting, were set to a QR code which Brian set on to the mug. We can watch this anytime. We are extremely happy to not only have the painting but also the video and mug. Thank you Brian for a wonderful painting.
Leanne | 6/12/2015 3:56 PM
For Artists
In 2015 I used a QR code printed on the mug you see in the video. Since then the mobile app has been developed, so your customers can watch the video just by pointing their phone at the artwork. You can create videos like this for your customers and take on birthday commissions, just like I did for Steve. Go for it.

For Customers

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