Encryption Security

How we protect your data

Encryption, by Default

Strong encryption is critical to help ensure your privacy and security. We consider strong encryption so important that we encrypt (serve over SSL) all pages. We also 301 redirect all insecure HTTP requests to the secure HTTPS version.


We run firewalls and have processes in place to alert us about unauthorized attempts to access the website

Monitoring Suspicious Activity

We continuously watch web traffic and monitor suspicious activity. We also have security measures in place to help protect against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Security Testing

We regularly check the security of our services and look out for potential vulnerabilities and keep our core updated with the latest security measures.

Data Backup and Recovery

Our systems back up regularly, so in case of an event that causes data loss (like a power supply failure or a natural disaster, for example) we can recover it.

Our Developer Team

We have a dedicated developer team committed to product improvement. They work directly to address potential security risks and maintain our strong commitment to keeping your data safe.

No way of transmitting data over the Internet and no method of electronic storage are perfectly secure. We can’t guarantee absolute security — no one can.  But keeping your site and personal data well-protected is extremely important to us.