Resale Royalty Calculator

Artists Resale Royalties Calculator

Artists in many countries including Australia are entitled to a royalty for each re-sale of their artwork. In Australia and the UK, it is 5%. Each country has their own legislation and conditions so you should check with your local authority for specific entitlements.

This is a simplified calculator that displays the value of art resale royalties due to an artist based on the input values. It calculates total royalties, royalties paid during the artists lifetime, and royalties bequest. It only includes royalty payments where the art re-sale value exceeds $1000 in value. It does not include the initial sale value of the artworks.




Starting Art Value:$693,

Resale Period (years):10,

Art Appreciation Rate (%):4,

Artist Output (per year):12,

Artist Career Span (years):40

(Total Royalty : $ 1,604,120.00)

(Before Death : $ 194,856.95)

(After Death : $ 1,409,263.05),