VooGlue Tribute To 12 Badass Artists

VooGlue’s Tribute To Our Artists

VooGlue’s tribute to artists because they reveal the magic.

Here’s to our mad ones. Our artists. The rule-breakers. The creative destructors. The explorers. They don’t hide their ideas. They can’t. You can love them or loathe them. Be shocked by them, or support them. The only thing you can’t do – is to stop them. Because they hold up a mirror, to us. They show us new ways to perceive. And while some see mad, we see magical. Because the ones who are mad enough to believe they can reveal something new, are the ones who do.

To see artists work on VooGlue see the Gallery, or join VooGlue as an artist

Special Thanks To:

John Doggett-Williams Fine Eye ProductionsStelaric Suspension

BBC 1/4 A Day in the Life of Andy Warhol

Gerhard Richter Gerhard Richter Painting

Picasso HD Picasso before a glass

Star Arts  Salvador Dali at Work

USA TODAY Banksy had different plan for shredded painting

Mike Brooks B&W home movie clips of Frida Kahlo

Gary McKay Dada Freud Historic Footage

John Muse Jackson Pollock by Hans Namuth

John Hall Claude Monet – Filmed Painting Outdoors (1915)

John Hall Pierre-Auguste Renoir – Filmed Painting at Home (1919)

VooGlue artists tribute line OWN IT
VooGlue artists tribute line OWN IT
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