Own It.  VooGlue’s Tribute To 12 Badass Rule Breaking Artists

Imagine if you could hear directly from these Artists? Imagine knowing exactly what they were thinking.

VooGlue (meaning ‘Magically Connecting’) is an arts technology developer that provides solutions to artists and art exhibitors.

Using the VooGlue App, art exhibitors glue digital content to traditional wall-hung visual art. That content is later delivered on-the-spot to art exhibition attendees via the VooGlue App on their mobile device. This helps art exhibition attendees appreciate the art and purchase it with a single tap.

The digital content is digital video, image, text, social media content and single-tap product purchasing. The management tools included help artist & art-exhibitors track their collections by geolocation or ‘place’ with a record of views and location history also glued to the artwork. The gluing is permanent and will be immutable, contributing to art providence.

Using VooGlue, current-day artists own their work by adding ‘story’ or new artistic effects & styles – such as sliced-loaf – building strong emotional connections with their audience, assisting their career and facilitating frictionless sales.

Learn more about VooGlue under ‘about’. Understand the VooGlue App instantly with the 3 min demo under ‘demo’.

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