Artist: Brian Carew-Hopkins

Brian Carew-Hopkins

A Sad Regime


Footage aired on SBS reporting mustard gas attacks killing dozens of primary school-aged children, tore at our sense of human decency. The whole world was in an uproar…. for a few short days – then we all moved on to the next horrific news story. Those children are no more, gone. In their memory, this swing sits idle forever.


This artwork was first exhibited at the VooGlue prelaunch in March 2018.

Watch the video to discover the meaning behind the picture. T Point the VooGlue app at the artwork hanging on your wall and the video will play. It’s a print + video portal to the inside of the layers of paint.

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Original 20 cm * 40 cm mixed media on stretched canvas.


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Product : A Sad Regime


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