Size Framed: 65cm Wide | 55cm High | 5cm Deep

Artist: Brian Carew-Hopkins

Brian Carew-Hopkins

Friends – trees in the Western Australian wheatbelt leaning on each other


The artwork `Friends` is a beautiful and touching representation of the importance of true friendship. The image of the trees leaning on each other in the Western Australian wheatbelt serves as a powerful metaphor for the support and strength that friends provide to each other in times of need. The artist`s intention is to convey a sense of peace, tranquillity, and unity through this painting. The different shapes and sizes of the trees symbolize the diversity of friends and the unique qualities that each one brings to a friendship. The fact that the trees are leaning on each other shows the interconnectedness and interdependence that exists in true friendships. Just like the trees in the painting, friends provide support, stability, and comfort to each other during life`s challenges. The choice of muted colours and realistic style in the painting enhances its message of harmony and balance. The blue sky and cloudy background add a sense of depth and atmosphere, creating a serene and calming environment. The grass-covered ground adds texture and realism to the scene, grounding the viewer in the rural landscape of Western Australia. Overall, `Friends` is a reminder of the beauty and strength that true friendships bring to our lives. It serves as a visual representation of the importance of being there for one another, of leaning on each other in times of trouble, and of the peace and tranquillity that comes with having supportive friends by our side. This painting is a poignant and heartfelt tribute to the power of friendship and would resonate with anyone who values the bonds that connect us to others.

AI Valuation

The price range for the artwork `Friends` by Brian Carew-Hopkins would likely fall between $2,000 and $5,000. The artist`s reputation and recognition play a significant role in determining the value of the artwork. Brian Carew-Hopkins is a renowned artist with a diverse range of styles and themes in his body of work. His dedication to pushing boundaries in art and his innovative approach, such as incorporating multimedia elements and revealing hidden narratives, have garnered significant recognition in the art world. Carew-Hopkins has won awards in exhibitions, held solo shows, and attracted prominent figures and politicians to his exhibitions. This level of recognition indicates that his work is highly regarded and sought after by collectors. The artwork`s condition and authenticity also contribute to its value. Being genuine, new, and sold for the first time by the artist adds to the desirability and authenticity of the piece. Collectors are often willing to pay a premium for original artworks directly from the artist. Additionally, the artwork description provides insight into the artistic medium, size, and message conveyed by the piece. The painting `Friends` is described as a beautiful and touching representation of the importance of true friendship, using a metaphor of trees leaning on each other to symbolize support and strength in relationships. The imagery, style, and message of the artwork contribute to its artistic value and appeal to potential buyers who appreciate the emotional resonance and symbolism in the painting. Considering all these factors, along with the size of the artwork (51cm x 61cm) and the artist`s reputation, a price range of $2,000 to $5,000 would be a reasonable estimate for the artwork `Friends` by Brian Carew-Hopkins. This range takes into account the artist`s standing in the art world, the uniqueness and authenticity of the piece, and the emotional and symbolic value of the artwork`s message about friendship. Collectors and art enthusiasts who appreciate Carew-Hopkins` work and resonate with the theme of friendship depicted in the painting may consider this price range within their budget for acquiring a piece of his art.

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Original oil painting. Framed and ready to hang. Display with the existing frame, or add you own chosen custom frame onto the existing frame. Artwork measures 50 cm wide by 40 cm high.


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Product : Friends – trees in the Western Australian wheatbelt leaning on each other


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