Size Framed: 42cm Wide | 52cm High | 3cm Deep

Artist: Tim Sewell

Tim Sewell

Subiaco Common


Subiaco Common is a charming pastel painting that captures a serene moment in a park setting. The artist has used soft, delicate strokes to create a peaceful scene that invites the viewer to pause and take in the beauty of nature. The composition of the painting is simple yet effective, with a tree-lined path leading the viewer`s eye into the distance. The use of perspective is skillfully done, creating a sense of depth and space within the scene. The figures in the painting add a human element, with one person relaxing on a bench in the foreground and another person strolling along the path in the distance. These figures add a sense of life and movement to the otherwise still scene. The colors in the painting are vibrant and rich, with the green of the trees and grass contrasting beautifully with the blue of the sky. The artist has captured the light and shadow in the scene expertly, creating a sense of atmosphere and mood. The loose, sketchy style of the painting adds to its charm, giving the scene a sense of spontaneity and freshness. Overall, Subiaco Common is a lovely piece of art that captures the simple beauty of a park setting. It invites the viewer to step into the scene and experience a moment of tranquility and peace. The artist has skillfully captured the essence of nature in this painting, making it a delightful piece to admire and enjoy.

AI Valuation

Based on the information provided, the artwork `Subiaco Common` by the artist Tim Sewell would fall into the mid-range price category. Tim Sewell`s extensive experience and reputation in the art world, including solo exhibitions, commissions, and membership in the West Australian Society of Arts, indicate that he is an established artist with a loyal following. The medium of the artwork, pastel on a 39cm x 29cm canvas, is also a factor in determining the price range. Pastel paintings are valued for their delicate and luminous quality, making them a popular choice among collectors. The size of the painting is relatively small, which can also affect the price compared to larger works. Considering all these factors, the price range for `Subiaco Common` by Tim Sewell would likely fall between $800 to $1,500. This mid-range price reflects the artist`s reputation and recognition, as well as the size and medium of the artwork. Collectors who appreciate Sewell`s style and subject matter, as well as the charm and skill of the painting itself, would be willing to pay within this price range for a piece of his work. Overall, the price range for an artwork like `Subiaco Common` by Tim Sewell would be influenced by factors such as the artist`s reputation, the medium and size of the artwork, as well as its condition and authenticity. Collectors looking to add a piece of Sewell`s art to their collection can expect to pay a reasonable price within the mid-range category for a painting of this nature and quality.

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