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The Art of Presenting Art


Coaching and mentoring artists to develop presentation skills to make their art fly out the door.

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I coach artists, either individually or in small or large groups, on how to create and deliver engaging and polished presentations that inspire their audience to appreciate, admire and ultimately purchase their art works.

Depending on what stage you are at with your presentation, I can work with you to:

·      Overcome your nerves and fear of public speaking.

·      Design your presentation concept. The design of a presentation is vital. If you start it right, the presentation will flow better and have more impact, as well as avoid editing time.

·      Create stories to make your presentation more effective and memorable.

·      Edit your presentation to make it polished and engaging.

·      Refine your public speaking skills to make your presentations memorable and inspiring.

In coaching and mentoring in speaking and presentation, it is very rare for there to be just one session.  To get best results most people come for a series of sessions.  I will work with you for the number of sessions that we both agree is appropriate for what you want, and the results you need to achieve.

 I have been coaching people in all levels of presentation skills for over 25 years. I specialise in working with professional people who need to present confidently and persuasively.

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