Art Labels or Didactics with a smart art QR code and an art thumbnail

Do you want to easily display and sell your art at cafes, waiting rooms, community halls and other public locations?

At cafés, we often see handwritten art labels with a mobile number as a contact point. Not only are these DIY labels hard to read, but they create a problem for buyers because it means that even to get a little more information the potential buyer has to physically call the artist. If the location is noisy, or the person likes some privacy when they make calls it’s a disincentive and will turn potential buyers away. It’s much more convenient for the buyer if a QR code is on the label – but DIY QR codes all look the same and the labels easily get mixed up.

  1. VooGlue’s Smart QR Codes Labels solve this problem by showing the artworks thumbnail image integrated within the centre of the QR code itself, making the QR code more inviting and also ensuring labels never get mixed up, since it’s obvious to visually see which label goes with each artwork.

Another problem with DIY QR code art labels is the art piece’s information has to be viewable somewhere online before someone can even start making the label. So at a minimum, the person has to do two sets of data entries, starting with the data entry for online info. Then with the second set of data entries to make the DIY art label, then they must separately generate the QR code for each online URL – from the first data entry exercise – and because all QR codes look the same, they have to carefully get the right QR code onto the right DIY art label without getting the QR codes mixed up! If you have ever tried this you will know how easy it is to make a mistake. It’s labour-intensive because of the double entry of data and then there is the risk of errors – which require lots of double-checking. And if anything changes with the data you may have to do it all again. It can be very stressful and time-consuming to create even one set of DIY art labels this way.

  1. VooGlue’s Smart QR Codes Labels solve this by making the online link and label from one simple data entry form. The simple data entry form lets you enter the art info and photo, and then in one click VooGlue creates the online presence, URL and the VooGlue Smart QR Code Label instantly – with the QR code on the label pointing to the exact online URL for the correct artwork, and the artworks thumbnail image neatly integrated into the centre of QR code on the label. It is so slick. Not only that, you can re-print the VooGlue Smart QR Code Labels at any time with one click – and the printed VooGlue Smart QR Code Labels will always be up to date.

Another problem with DIY art labels is the printing and formatting. Anybody who has formatted a label from scratch will know this is problematic and can use lots of label paper in test runs.

  1. VooGlue’s Smart QR Code labels are preformatted for Avery General Use address labels, 4 to 1 A4 page. So you can add 4 works and click print, and 4 labels neatly print on the label paper-  (or you can use normal A4 paper and cut the labels out with scissors)

Another problem with DIY art labels is they do not solve the problem of payment, for without a payment gateway linked to the online URL it is not any easier for customers to buy – they still have to call you, or bother the venue staff – if any are around.

  1. VooGlue’s Smart QR Codes Labels make magic here. The user’s phone is also a checkout –  so after users scan your VooGlue’s Smart QR Codes Label they will see the buy button right on their phone with the details of the artwork. Users can easily buy with one tap, without disturbing anybody –  and the transaction is processed instantly through a secure checkout powered by the well-known and highly regarded Stripe gateway. This feature has been shown to turbocharge sales because it is so easy to buy!

Another problem with DIY art labels is that if you happen to have the work for sale somewhere online as well as at the cafe, there is the chance of the dreaded ‘double sale’, where the artwork sells at the cafe to one person, and the same artwork sells online to someone else. What a nightmare!

  1. With VooGlue’s Smart QR Codes Labels, you don’t need to put the artwork for sale online at another place because it is done for you by VooGlue. It is your option to set the artwork to be visible online so it can sell online – and this opens up your opportunities for sales to both in person and online. If the artwork sells online it is instantly shown as SOLD in the VooGlue’s Smart QR Codes Label scan as well – so there is no possibility of a ‘double sale’.

Another problem with DIY labels is after the artwork is hung, and the person leaves the venue, they transition into that terrible ‘information vacuum’. They have no idea if people are looking at the art piece or not. They can only blindly wait, or hang around at the venue – because unless they are actually “on-site” at the venue they cannot see what level of engagement & interest their art is receiving.

  1. VooGlue’s Smart QR Codes Labels solve this problem as they log all views, so you receive a detailed report on engagement broken down by venue and date. This gives you power since you know where your display pieces are getting the best engagement, and you can focus your attention on that location if you decide to move artwork around to where it’s getting the best traffic.

Another problem with DIY labels is after the sale transaction, the buyers may decide to approach the café staff which can be an issue. Cafés are usually happy to hang work but don’t want to be involved in the sales or collection in any way.

  1. VooGlue’s Smart QR Codes Labels ensure buyers don’t need to approach the café staff as they send THE BUYER an SMS to their phone at the moment the purchase is completed – so the buyer has been SMS’d instructions about the collection and what to do next and they don’t have to bother the staff at the venue. But wait, there is more! VooGlue’s Smart QR Codes Labels also send YOU an SMS the instant the artwork is purchased! That allows you to ring the buyer within moments of their purchase. Buyers love it! And it lets you congratulate the buyer and calmly arrange collection. You might decide to go to the venue to meet the buyer to hand over the work personally, or you might want to tell the buyer to take the artwork then and there – and the SMS on the buyer’s phone is their proof of purchase.

Another problem with DIY art labels is they don’t particularly stimulate engagement.

  1. VooGlue’s Smart QR Code label solves that problem also. Not only do VooGlue’s Smart QR Code labels look inviting, but the data entry form gives you the option of adding a video to your artwork display, and if so, the labels show a prominent “video notice” to hook curious passers-by. Potential buyers can easily scan the label and see what the video is all about. You can use video to create a built-in sales pitch for your artwork or add artistic merit with a revelationist video. Now, you don’t have to add a video but it is an option you might want to consider. As you will see in a moment, sellers have had success with VooGlue Smart QR Code Labels with or without a video.

VooGlue’s Smart QR Code labels have been shown to work wonderfully to increase sales and engagement. No technical skill is required and anybody can create them.

To use them for your art practice take a look at these extra features get started.