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Yes The Video Will Play At Home

You are thinking of buying an artwork. Can you see the video at home? Yes, you can. The VooGlue App does that. Point the VooGlue App at the artwork and the video will display. Get the VooGlue App here If your video does not instantly display, see how to do it in FAQ or if that […]

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What Is Sliced Loaf Art?

Think of it like a loaf of sliced bread. The artwork you see on your wall is like looking at a sliced loaf ‘end on’. The only slice you can see is the first one. Just like the slices inside a loaf, sliced loaf art is made of many slices – one layer of paint […]

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VooGlue Tribute To 12 Badass Artists

VooGlue’s tribute to artists because they reveal the magic. Here’s to our mad ones. Our artists. The rule-breakers. The creative destructors. The explorers. They don’t hide their ideas. They can’t. You can love them or loathe them. Be shocked by them, or support them. The only thing you can’t do – is to stop them. […]

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For Artists

Your secret message revealed in Art! Video of traditional artwork which contains a hidden message. As the video plays the message is revealed. The layers of paint normally hidden from view can be used as an artistic device. The artist creates messages and meaning within the layers of paint. The artist makes a video of the construction, and posts the […]

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How Does VooGlue work?

Its Simple. Art lovers point their mobile device at an artwork, and art information plus a video about the artwork display. The video may be a speed painting, an art video, or simply the artist talking to camera about the work. Art lovers can also buy the artwork – if it is for sale – […]

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