What Is Sliced Loaf Art?

Think of it like a loaf of sliced bread. The artwork you see on your wall is like looking at a sliced loaf ‘end on’. The only slice you can see is the first one. Just like the slices inside a loaf, sliced loaf art is made of many slices – one layer of paint on top of the next, all the way down to the canvas.

You can see any slice of a ‘sliced loaf’ painting.

Sliced loaf art graphic
Sliced loaf art graphic

The slice the artist wants you to see may not be the one you can see on the front of the work. The artist can be a trickster: telling a story through the different layers – so the art is in the surprise ‘reveal’ of the layers, which force a sudden shift in perspective – challenging stereotypes.

Here on VooGlue artists are experimenting with sliced loaf art. To see inside a painting in-real-life someone only needs to point the VooGlue App at the artwork, and the slices will magically show.

Sliced Loaf is certainly challenging the norms. But that’s exactly what we like our artists to do.