Size Framed: 42cm Wide | 52cm High | 3cm Deep

Artist: Unknown

Tim Sewell



The painting `Collonges-la-Rouge` captures the essence of a typical street scene in the charming French village of Collonges-la-Rouge. The artist has chosen to focus on the unique red sandstone buildings that line the streets, giving the town its characteristic name. The intricate details of the buildings, with their various shapes and sizes, create a visually interesting backdrop for the scene. The sky is painted in a vibrant blue hue, dotted with fluffy white clouds, adding a sense of brightness and warmth to the painting. The street itself is depicted as narrow and cobbled, further enhancing the quaint and picturesque atmosphere of the village. The people in the painting are depicted in a variety of casual poses, engaged in conversation or simply enjoying a leisurely stroll through the streets. Their presence adds a sense of life and activity to the scene, giving the viewer a glimpse into the everyday hustle and bustle of village life. The overall composition of the painting is well-balanced, with the buildings, street, and people all coming together to create a cohesive and inviting scene. The muted colors used by the artist add to the overall sense of tranquility and charm, making the viewer feel as though they are right there in the heart of Collonges-la-Rouge. In conclusion, `Collonges-la-Rouge` is a beautiful and realistic painting that captures the unique beauty and charm of the French village. The artist`s attention to detail and skillful use of color make this painting a delightful portrayal of a beloved destination in France.

AI Valuation

Based on the artist`s reputation and recognition as described, the price range for the artwork `Collonges-la-Rouge` in pastel on board, sized at 39cm x 29cm, would likely fall within the range of $500 to $1500. The artist`s extensive experience in painting, including solo exhibitions and regular participation in art societies, as well as their history of successful commissions, signals a certain level of professionalism and skill. Additionally, being a member and former president of the West Australian Society of Arts adds a level of credibility to the artist`s work. Given the artist`s established career and recognition within the art community, collectors and art enthusiasts would likely be willing to pay a premium for their pieces. The size of the artwork, being relatively small, also contributes to a potentially lower price range compared to larger works. Furthermore, the subject matter of the painting, capturing the charm and beauty of a quaint French village, is likely to appeal to a wide audience. The detailed depiction of the red sandstone buildings and street scene, along with the artist`s skillful use of pastels to create a vibrant and inviting atmosphere, adds to the artwork`s value. Overall, taking into consideration the artist`s reputation, the size of the artwork, the subject matter, and the overall quality of the painting, a price range of $500 to $1500 would be reasonable for the artwork `Collonges-la-Rouge`. Art collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the artist`s style and subject matter would likely find this price range to be a fair investment for a piece of art that captures the essence of a charming French village.

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