Artist: Unknown

Brian Carew-Hopkins

Late Summer Sky


This is possibly my favorite painting of the farm. It was painted in about 2010 I believe. For many years it hung in the homestead, and was moved  to hang in my mothers room in the old peoples home she has had to move to in recent years – to remind her of home. And it hangs there at the time of writing.

Some notes written about this work from an earlier time:

Original Oil Painting “Late Summer Sky” by Brian Carew-Hopkins
This painting depicts the open farming landscape of the wheat belt of Western Australia, in the late afternoon of high summer. The yellow straw stubble of the harvested wheat crop can be seen in the foreground, becoming darker in the midground from overgrazing allowing the dark earth to show through. Trees unique to the Western Australian wheat belt are shown around the scene, and the farming land rolls into the distant horizon. A swathe of white and grey cloud stands out against a blue sky which fades to pink on the horizon.

As the artist says “The late afternoon sun renders the dark earth under an alizarin sky and the tree trunks glow red in the evening sun, as the dry summer continues. In the group of trees to the right, is one large tree, it is cramped for space and shows signs of its struggle, but that struggle has made it tall.”

Oil Paint on Stretched Canvas. Painting is ready to hang on your wall. Size: 55 cm high, 80 cm wide, 5 cm deep.



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Original oil painting. Display with the existing frame, or add you own chosen custom frame onto the existing frame. Artwork measures 77 cm wide by 51 cm high.


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Product : Late Summer Sky


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