Size Unframed: 40cm Wide | 50cm High | 3.00cm Deep

Artist: Brian Carew-Hopkins

Brian Carew-Hopkins

Steampunk Pig Politician – A Satirical Commentary on Power Corruption Responsibility and Accountability


Steampunk Pig Politician: A Layered Commentary on Power and Corruption
Brian Carew-Hopkins’ “Steampunk Pig Politician” is a striking and complex artwork that utilizes a unique layering technique to convey a powerful message about the state of politics and the impact of power on individuals and society.

The artwork begins with a stark background of bullet holes and bloodstains, immediately evoking themes of violence, conflict, and suffering. This foundation layer serves as a reminder of the harsh realities of war and its devastating consequences, particularly for vulnerable populations such as refugees, represented by the somber figures traversing the bloodstained canvas.

Emerging from this unsettling backdrop is the central figure – a pig donning a suit, its features gradually hardening and evolving into a steampunk aesthetic. The pig, a symbol often associated with greed and gluttony, represents the politician. The steampunk elements, with their industrial and mechanical connotations, suggest a cold, calculating, and unfeeling approach to governance, prioritizing systems and structures over human needs and compassion.

Adding another dimension to the narrative is a virus perched atop the pig’s head, injecting a substance into its skull. This virus can be interpreted as a metaphor for corruption, a force that infects and manipulates those in power, driving them to prioritize self-interest and control over the well-being of their constituents. The injection of the “spine” symbolizes the potential for change – a hope that even within a corrupt system, individuals can find the courage and integrity to make difficult decisions for the greater good.

Carew-Hopkins’ masterful layering technique is not merely a visual strategy, but a means of constructing meaning. Each layer adds depth and complexity to the artwork, revealing the interconnectedness of war, suffering, political power, and corruption. The final image of the Steampunk Pig Politician, hardened yet retaining a glimmer of hope, leaves the viewer pondering the possibility of redemption within a flawed system and the responsibility of individuals to hold power accountable.

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Based on the information provided, the price range for Brian Carew-Hopkins` artwork `Steampunk Pig Politician` would likely fall in the range of $3,000 to $5,000. Carew-Hopkins is a renowned artist with a diverse range of styles and themes, and his reputation and recognition in the art world contribute to the value of his work. The use of a multimedia element in the artwork, along with the authenticity of being sold for the first time by the artist, adds to its uniqueness and value. The size of the acrylic on stretched canvas piece, 50cm x 40cm, is a standard size for many artworks, which also factors into the pricing. The complexity and layered commentary of the artwork, addressing themes of power, corruption, and the impact of politics, add depth and meaning to the piece, making it more valuable to collectors and art enthusiasts. Considering the artist`s reputation, the size and medium of the artwork, as well as the complexity of the themes and techniques used, a price range of $3,000 to $5,000 would be a reasonable estimate for the `Steampunk Pig Politician` artwork by Brian Carew-Hopkins. This range takes into account the artist`s standing in the art world, the uniqueness and authenticity of the piece, and the value that collectors would likely place on acquiring a work with such layered commentary and visual intricacy.

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Product : Steampunk Pig Politician – A Satirical Commentary on Power Corruption Responsibility and Accountability


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