Artist: Brian Carew-Hopkins

Brian Carew-Hopkins

Spirit of Peace


The artist’s intention with this artwork, titled “The Spirit of Peace,” is to convey the idea that peace is something that must be generated by individuals, rather than relying on external forces. The inspiration for the artwork came from stories in The Economist magazine, which have been recombined to create a new context. The painting starts with a skull-like figure, representing the pirate problem in Somalia. This is followed by a globe painted around the skull, depicting a hypothetical world war three scenario between the USA and China. The artist then paints the spirit of peace over the skull, symbolizing the need for peace. However, the painting is left unfinished, with the nose and mouth of the female figure incomplete. The dominant visual element of the painting is a beautiful female face with a spiritual feel, accompanied by a white dove symbolizing peace. The figure exudes a sense of dynamism, capability, and happiness, with her wind-blown hair. The rest of the painting is done in translucent red, allowing the underlying layers to be vaguely visible. The artist’s interpretation and intention with this artwork are to convey the message that peace is something that we must actively create and cultivate within ourselves. The incompleteness of the spirit of peace in the painting signifies our incomplete capacity to generate peace. The artist highlights the importance of individual responsibility for peace and emphasizes the need to strive for peace in the world.

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Product : Spirit of Peace


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