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Special Commission


A special commission may be a normal painting or a painting produced with hidden messages inside, plus a video and a soundtrack. A special commission with a hidden message and video makes a superb gift.

The artwork pictured was done as a special commission.

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150 cm x 120 cm. A good size to make a statement, great for a blank wall. Exact dimensions of your painting may vary slightly.

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150 cm x 60 cm. A wide canvas, perfect for capturing panoramic landscapes or seascapes. Exact dimensions of your painting may vary slightly.

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100 cm x 75 cm. A good size to display on its own. Exact dimensions of your painting may vary slightly.

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80 cm x 55 cm. A handy size to display alone or in combination with other art. Exact dimensions of your painting may vary slightly.

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45 cm x 35 cm. A painting of this size is easy to transport and makes a lovely gift. Exact dimensions of your painting may vary slightly.

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To give you an idea of scope, here is another special commission done for a friends birthday.

Not only did the recipient get the artwork, but they see their friends and family telling them how wonderful they are in the video. In this case, the video was connected to a mug showing the artwork, as it happens – it used older technology – so the recipient got the mug as well.  Since then things have moved on and we use artwork to play the video. Just point a phone at the artwork, and the video plays. So simple. So easy.

And it’s the things we should say, but never do that are lost, without opportunities like this to prompt us into action. We are left holding only the regret. We have all seen the reality shows where someone begins crying with emotion as they watch videos of people, whom they love, wishing them well, and saying things deeply feel but never before said. In the hustle-bustle of our lives, everything becomes transactional and the most important things evaporate, never said, into the mist of time.

By commissioning an artwork with video as a gift you can touch the heart of your loved one in a unique and unexpected way. Just imagine it. – At first, they think its an artwork, which ‘is wonderful’, they say. Then tell them to point their phone at the artwork, and voila! Just watch their face as your video plays. They will never forget it. You will never forget it.

The video example above gives you an idea. It is the video attached to the special commission painted for “Steve’s” birthday. The video has been cut for public viewing, however, in the original, some of Steve’s family are saying wonderful things to him or about him, including one sweet clip of Steve’s mother. It’s now a poignant message to treasure forever – as the years go by. Better still – the video can be watched anytime just by pointing a phone at the artwork hanging right there on the wall. Meaningful, easily accessible, and treasured.

You can keep the content totally private – if you wish. Come to think of it, you could let your imagination run wild with the video!

Production of the artwork, video and soundtrack are all included in the special commission, however, you may wish to add a different non-art video and soundtrack yourself.

There are lots of options. Now use this opportunity to say what’s never been said. Remember, time waits for no-one. Begin by contacting me with the ‘product inquiry’ link at lower left and we can discuss what you have in mind.

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